April Worship Themes


(Sermon focus texts are in bold.)


April 8 & 9  Palm Weekend Triumph

Readings: Psalm 31:9-16; Luke 19:29-44

With great bravery Jesus enters Jerusalem. He hears “hosannas” rain down and clears out the temple. Jesus teaches crowds, but the tide has turned. His time is coming soon. Come and see what triumph looks like to the Savior of the world.


April 16 Easter Resurrection

Readings: Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24; Luke 24:1-12

This is a story that challenges and energizes us. This is a story we have to share. The world has changed. The world is changing. The world will never be the same!


April 22 & 23 2nd Weekend in Easter On the Road

Readings: Psalm 16; Luke 24:13-35

This is one of my favorite stories in my favorite Gospel. Too often we think we have it all figured out only to realize later that God has been on the move and working in ways we cannot imagine. Join us on the road. I promise you’ll find God on the journey.


April 29 & 30 3rd Weekend in Easter Full of the Holy Spirit  

Readings: Psalm 116:1-4, 12-19; Luke 23:33-34a, 46; Acts 6:1-7:2a, 44-60

Acts 6-7 tells the story of Stephen, the great Christian martyr, who was known for being “full of the Holy Spirit.” What can we learn from Stephen and the early Christian church? How are we called – like Stephen – to speak the Word of God?